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Minecraft Xbox User Created Worlds

Collection of Videos, Guides and More!
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Have viewed a great deal of awesome user created maps in my day on Xbox One, here's a collection for all of those made by many differing people. If you want your maps or something added into this directory let me know here

Ancient Worlds

Large scale world filled with massive ancient wonders and smaller battle arena games
Creator: SamuelDelawder
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Xbox One Console

A massive Xbox One Console build with a special living interior with is great
Creator: Gamecruiser1983
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Farming Everything World

A survival created world where almost anything you can think of is farmed with mass production
Creator: adversary D
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City 319

Crazy city to Stampy and a great bit of parkour connecting it all together.
Creator: Crazydaniel2001
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You should know this place well, recreation of a beautiful castle for Minecraft.
Creator: SciFiGuy86
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Pixel Art World

A ton of pixel art, like the whole map with pixel art that's sick.
Creator: xxnsnfanxx
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Harvest Moon

Recreating the amazing old game of living in Harvest Moon.
Creator: xI MOB B0SS Ix
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Many massive structures and recreations in Haven
Creator: NDSWebbhead
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Jurassic Park

Back to the land before time where there are dinos and well very iconic movie pieces, amazing map.
Creator: An Angry W0lf
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Epic Masterlord's

Some big wool creatures and stuff.
Creator: Epic Masterlord
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Happy Land

Minecraft's happiest theme park in the universe with everything you could ever want. Also amazing coasters here, amazing.
Creator: ShotPaintbrush9, Tay and Kieron, GHOST 141 J7K
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STL Intcept's

Creator: STL Incept

Grand medieval world featuring castles, cities and massive monuments.
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Average Joes City

Creator: Red llama 123 and bourquenbeans

Just some average guys building a world together which is quite impressive.
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Le Vincia

Large scale RPG world with a grand castle styled center piece, believe this was destroyed at some point sadly though.
Creator: Kixri
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Based off the PC city of the same name Kargeth has some really neat building design and aesthetics to it.
Creator: TSN Vain
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Sick Airport map on an island featuring many airplanes, boarding areas and hangars.
Creator: Racer4ever18
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Cod4life's World

A great looking city that spans the landscape.
Creator: cod4lifedude
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World 2 Pro

Another massive cityscape spanning the entire map with extra mini islands housing mansions or a crazy tree.
Creator: Tp Apex and Tp Anex
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A massive city world with bridges, McDonalds and a crazy maze
Creator: II ANaRChY II, ScLuTcHeD GoD and iSkAmZy mmmmmmm
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